Coffee Alchemy


At Taylerson's, we offer a wide range of artisan coffee syrups, for the discerning coffee lover. Taylerson's are the go-to coffee syrup in the UK, for many coffee shops, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and coffee drinking fans.

Our coffee syrups are available in 1ltr bottles, 250ml bottles within our variety packs of 3 or 6 and in 50ml bottles as part of our gift sets. We recommend a 20ml shot in 250ml of the mixer of your choice, but quantity should be adjusted to personal taste.

What are the best coffee syrups flavors?

The best coffee syrup flavor is very much a matter of personal opinion, but our best selling flavored syrups for coffee are, gingerbread, caramel, vanilla and hazelnut.

What types of coffee can you use syrups in?

Coffee flavoring syrups can be used in any kind of coffee you like. Whether it's a plain black coffee, a flat white or a latte, adding a shot of coffee syrup to your cup of coffee of choice, will enhance the flavor.

How do you use coffee syrup?

Using syrup couldn't be easier! We recommend adding a 20ml shot, to 250ml of coffee, but quantity should be adjusted to personal taste. Simply add the syrup as you would sugar and give it a good stir. Out 1ltr syrups can be used with our coffee syrup pumps, which makes adding syrup to your drink even easier.

Lovingly developed and exclusively blended in Wessex and we are constantly adding new coffee syrup flavours to our our range.
Our range currently includes: