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At Taylerson's, we offer a wide range of artisan syrups for cocktails. Taylerson's are the go-to cocktail syrup in the UK, for many pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and home mixologists.

Our syrups are available in 1ltr bottles, 250ml bottles within our variety packs of 3 or 6 and in 50ml bottles as part of our gift sets. We recommend a 20ml shot in 250ml of the mixer of your choice, but quantity should be adjusted to personal taste.

What is the best cocktail syrup brand in the UK?

Obviously, this is quite a subjective question, but looking at reviews on cocktail syrup companies' websites often helps. We are really pleased to say that our flavoured syrups for cocktails have great ratings on our site.

What flavours of sugar syrups for cocktails do you sell?

We offer a wide range of essential cocktail syrup flavours:

Do you sell gin cocktail syrups?

Yes! All of our syrups can be used in gin syrup cocktails, prosecco cocktails, mocktails or any other type of cocktail.

I'm looking for a cocktail syrup supplier to buy cocktail syrups in bulk for my bar. Can you help?

Yes! Our 1ltr cocktail syrup bottles can be supplied in bulk. Please get in contact to talk to us about bulk buying discounts.

Are your cocktail mixer syrups made in the UK?

Yes! All of our cocktail making syrups are made in the UK.

Do you have any cocktail recipes?

Yes! You can find a range of cocktail recipes on our recipe page, here.

Do I have to use a cocktail shaker to make a cocktail with syrup?

No, not necessarily. There are many cocktails that can be made without a shaker.

Can Taylerson's syrup be used in sloe gin?

Yes! Any of our syrups can be added to sloe gin. Our fruit syrups in particular make a delicious addition.

Lovingly developed and exclusively blended in Wessex and we are constantly adding new cocktail syrup flavours to our range.
Our range currently includes: